About Us

The Best Tongue Cleaner, Ever

Over 15 years ago, Dr. Wieder and his partner, entrepreneur Tom Oechslin, set out to make the best tongue cleaner on the market. During his years of dental practice, Dr. Wieder was deeply devoted to is patient’s oral health.

He was keenly aware of the social impact bad breath had on his patients. The two men realized there was nothing ut there to clean the back of the tongue effectively and with minimal gagging.

Wieder knew early on that 90% of bad breath causes are from bacteria on the tongue’s unique, irregular surface. However, after production of TUNG began, it became universally known in the dental profession that the issue of bad breath and cleaning your tongue was much bigger; the tongue was now directly responsible for gum disease which was proven to have significant adverse health concerns. Dr. Wieder knew that the only tools available to consumers were ineffective and uncomfortable to use (toothbrushes and tongue scrapers), therefore patients didn’t use them, which was a huge problem.  The frustration by patients for a lack of a solution moved Wieder to create a tool that would not only be effective, but consumers would enjoy using.

Wieder and Oechslin teamed up to solve this problem and the first Original TUNG Brush and TUNG Gel were born. The first of their kind, these unique tools were designed to effectively, efficiently and comfortably clean the tongue while minimizing gagging; tools the customer would enjoy using while being confident their breath was fresh.